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Histories of Artificial Intelligence: A Genealogy of Power


Bruno Moreschi (São Paulo, 1982) is a multidisciplinary artist, PhD in Visual Arts (State University of Campinas, Unicamp, BR, exchange at University of Arts at Helsinki, FI) with projects related to the deconstruction of systems and the decoding of procedures and social practices in these spaces of power. Projects recognized by grants, exhibitions and institutions such as Devian Practice Van Abbemuseum, 33rd São Paulo Biennial, Rumos Prize, Funarte, IDFA Film Festival, Brazilian Advanced Post-Graduate Agency (Capes) and São Paulo Research Foundation (Fapesp). Currently senior researcher at the Center for Arts, Design and Social Research (CAD+SR, Boston, US) and resident artist at the University of São Paulo Innovation Center, coordinating a group of researchers from different fields in the construction of democratic, artistic and experimental methods in the use of programming, machine learning and Artificial Intelligences – always considering the specifics of the Global South context.

Summary of research

The proposal is to carry out a set of multiple researches already initiated in the Group of Critical Experiences in Digital Infrastructures (GECID, in Portuguese) that I coordinate, located in the Art and Artificial Intelligence Group (GAIA) / C4AI / Innovation Center of the University of São Paulo. In this network that includes several researchers from different areas and contexts, we have a common interest in working collectively on projects that use artistic / activistic experiences to critically discuss AI – looking at this field not in an abstract way, but with explicit social implications that must be addressed beyond the abstract logic of 'cloud' and 'virtual'. Therefore, the projects are thought from the context in which we are inserted and that constitute us as individuals: the Global South, Latin America, Brazil. Among the projects now underway are a set of approximations with the Amazon Mechanical Turk workers (who help train and support AI systems), radical experiments with computer vision in the collection of the Brazilian museum Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo (which also includes understanding the relationship of its employees with digital infrastructures that regulate and maintain the institution) and the construction of a free educational material (website and pdf) for young people who want more activist ML training than the one proposed by normative online courses like Coursera. All of these ongoing projects will be shared with the network created in the Histories of AI: A Genealogy of Power project, with the intention of making these projects even more collaborative and comprehensive.

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